UDPSyphon supports local broadcast and multicast as well as conventional unicast (one-to-one communication).


Video mapping from VJ view , as provides mimic VJ operation in switching between scenes, and allocates them to LEDs and screens. Quick 3D projection mapping software , as external plugin offering quick 3D projection mapping,which allows you to utilize 3D projection mapping readily as digital signage for stores and events.


This flash start software is specialized for professional use, which is tuned to keep a stable frame rate even in high resolution over FullHD.To ensure your firm start, standby mode is equipped and “Standby Start” as trigger kicks off movie.


This software can receive data from TCPSyphon Server via WiFi. so you can show your visualization by iPhone or iPad. How many can we handle iPhones? it’s depend on your sender machine’s power and network condition. Of course You can choose TCPSyphon Server by simple UI if many TCPSyphon Server are launched.


Send camera image to TCPSyphonClient on OSX via TCP/IP. This trait is small latency especially customized for VJ. By selecting the appropriate encode to network bandwidth you use, even on poor network environment it can carry out delivery without quality loss on image data.

GRoK version 1.00

The best player for VJ with support of live performance.
It is simple but makes evolution like your limbs or musical instruments as the user is getting better to play it.

Kraken version 1.00

Simple player aiming at enhanced performance.
This VJ software must satisfy you all range from VJ beginners to advanced VJ.