Owners Lounge

Welcome to Owners Lounge where you can see stock of knowledge named inside stories or secret stories related to our software by having owners of it with Nozomu MIURA, C.E.O/C.T.O of TECHLIFE.

This time as an opening event, our staff interview with Nozomu MIURA, C.E.O/C.T.O, TECHLIFE to show the future vision.


Nozomu MIURA from Akita pref. in Japan, born in 1973, Class I Information Technology Engineer, and Bachelor of information technology.

Used to work for the software company after graduation from the university, get in charge of some system developments which were customized for various fields, and in 2010 established SoftAdvance, place of C.T.O.
During the position the developed VJ tool successfully gained user supports, which led to software series of “Kazetachi” , “KazetachiAD” and “Kazaguruma”.
As the first international project in Belgium, the engine component of the media server “Maxedia” developed on his own was brought by MartinProfessional which as the result was granted the lighting award to in USA.
After development work for six years abroad, in Japan he was involved in some software development projects with DigitalStage Inc., and in 2010 established TECHLIFE.
Since August of 2012 he has been based in Singapore, and officially launched operation.

Please introduce yourself or your back ground or so.

I work for creation of something, professional programmer, I mean.



Next, the background will be able to be uploaded on the Web page, so let’s skip it to the next question…
To begin with, what’s the concept of TECHLIFE?

The clear thing I can say is “Lifetime creation.”
LIFE of TECHLIFE means our commitment is supposed to continue creation utilizing technology for lifetime.
Exactly, as for not only software, we feel that we have to provide products nobody can accomplish except us.

As one goal in the future, I would like to make the situation that people would say “They made VJ software the most all over the world.”
We are making restless efforts in order to distribute software like users can enhance their ability with it, and arouse their imagination so that the software will be used for a long time.

About this [Owners Lounge], next time you are having a guest.

As a guest, users of TECHLIFE software, I name them Owners, will be had here and share topics about the software and their fields.

Why do you name them Owners instead of Users?

Owner means more than user for us.
Often RPG games have stories where the armed main character gets matured.
Hero drops in a blacksmith or a merchant house in the town, gets stronger items, then leaves for the trip and clears his mission.

General RPG games are applied to that loop, you know. And TECHLIFE aims at the relationship under where blacksmith and merchant are TECHLIFE, and hero is Owner of TECHLIFE.
We offer the better software to Owners according to their situation, and with it Owners can make a new challenge.
We hope this concept brings good trust relationship between Owners and us because the growth of our software has no end, we believe.

Despite TECHLIFE officially has not released the software yet, already we have had Owners using it.
Some software were developed by Owners’ requests, “I wanna software like this!”

That sounds like on a game a blacksmith gives original items only for the hero.

You’re telling me. Just like we are providing how to use them or what suitable items are depending on their fight scenes, I mean Owners’ works.
We feel like we make special items with Owners in cut and try way.

Your development meeting as if the hero has a small talk with a blacksmith would be interesting. Audience can also participate in it like eavesdropping on the ongoing story.

If on the interview with Owners new ideas has been come up with and the next software embedded by it evokes other Owners’ interest, it will be good.

The next question, why did you establish your company in foreign country?

From my experience I used to work in Europe (Belgium) before, I could learn its demerits and merits.
Of course in Tokyo it’s convenient for me to gather information all over the world.
But the abundant information through my brain is too much to devote myself into programming work because diving into the information world leaves just restless feeling to me, I think.

When you stay abroad, you can get less information than in Japan, and you mean to live in a sort of the isolated place. For a programmer that environment in a certain level is necessary to face up to what you want to do.

Having said that, Japan is my home town. So in the future I’d like to make a new appealing product there even if I’m supposed to take the risk to soak myself into the information sea.
TECHLIFE is just started company where we have to make clear direction of software goal and the company policy.
Our surroundings will matter with our work by our strong direction is settled. After that, anywhere would be perfect.

You seem to have had your clear direction already… anything else?

Well, one goal I can share with you at this moment is that… Belgium company I worked for supposed to sell an international version, at least in global language, of their products when launching something new.

Because public languages in Belgium are plural, and 10 million populations lead them to seek their market abroad. Domestic market and global market are meant to be set on the same agenda.

Even if you use Japanese used only in Japan, there are 100 million people there, which is good enough to regard it as one market. We have so lucky situation that you can make a deal only inside domestic market under a specific environment like an island country.

When you try to disseminate your creation to the world, in Japan you likely face the challenging thing, “How do I address at the beginning?”
Then, it is the software of TECHLIFE which could be an item to help them demonstrate their talent outside the hometown.
Furthermore, we’d like to contribute with distribution of our software to Japanese creators who will be able to go around over the world.
Of course, we expect it will be a special item for Owners to enhance and show their competence, for not only Japanese but any nationalities.

And about me, I’d like to continue having a unique sense of Japanese, controversially with a sense of cosmopolitan.
Firstly, I feel that I have to develop the balanced sense outside my country, so that’s why I’m here.

Could you tell us the reason why you chose Singapore?

Personally I think Asian market is growing to a hot place now, and this country has already had the system to accept foreign industries which allows people to come in from countries in the world and this country policy includes measures to cultivate human resource to have enhance creativity.
So as soon as possible after a project with local creators, I could convey know-how to audience through this lounge.

What’s the upcoming plan for TECHLIFE to challenge?

From the aspect we did achieve success related to in the visual field, we are often regarded as a specialized company to it, but the next plan could be making a tool other than software handling image files.
Music, game, animation, cartoon and social network could be as an option.

To make a step toward our new goal, as now we’re struggling with it by a couple of employees, we need more elite human resource.
For example, engineer having deferent skill from me, director having attractive ideas or impressing story.
And we believe we could suggest a new field where they can appeal their work with us.
Of course, other than staff, we hope some among our Owners will be hero or heroine at their stages.

In case you feel like “I’m candidate!” do not hesitate to contact with us.

On the way of exciting talk, when would you talk the software in details?

Anytime, but I have too much of details to talk the whole thing here.
From the next time we’ll have an Owner using it on his site, so you can share information step by step.

It sounds it would be interesting talk. Now we have to wrap it up round here. Please give us a rest of stock of knowledge … I mean a message.

Well, I believe software should stand at the start line when customers have them instead of “Make and launch has be done, so move to the next.”
Item = software continuously changes on demand for Owners’ growth and their situation, which we can make the software enjoyable and longtime product. I’m looking forward to comments from the world.

Thank you for coming to talk with us.