Trading Navigator

Traders, investors, and institutional clients can act out stocks, CFDs, options, futures, warrants, certificates, forex, bonds, and funds in over 100 markets around the world using the award-winning LifeTech Trading Navigator.

forex trading using Trading Navigator

The TechLife Trading Navigator is a real-time market risk management platform that allows you to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment across a variety of asset classes all over the world.

LifeTech Trading Navigator Mosaic

LifeTech Trading Navigator MosaicThe LifeTech Trading Navigator Mosaic version is distinguished by its intuitive design and immediate usability. It provides quick and easy access to a wide range of trading, order management, charter creation, watch list, and portfolio tools, all housed in a single, adaptable work area.

Market data, research, and news

  • Get real-time access to breaking news, research, fundamentals, and market data, including:
  • Every minute, the most recent news from leading news services such as Reuters, Dow Jones,, and others.
  • Morningstar, Zacks, and a variety of other providers provide market analysis.
  • Reuters Worldwide Fundamentals provides mission-critical financial data on thousands of companies.
  • Global market data on specific stock exchanges that is updated in real time.
  • Calendar of events

Real-time control

You can check the current status of your depot at any time using the real-time control system. This means you’re one step ahead of the competition in a constantly changing market.

Account overview

In an individually adaptable and clear account overview, you can see your account balances, margin data, credit available for trading, market value, and portfolio data for all of your products.

Watch lists

Make watch lists to keep track of real-time price quotes based on your market data subscriptions. To match your personal trading methods, you can create, enlarge / reduce, and move several individually named watchlist windows.

Margin requirements

Keep track of the margins you’ll need. You can avoid position liquidations by getting a quick overview of potential shortages. You can also use the portfolio margining system’s “what if” portfolio margin calculation to see your margin requirements.


Create real-time price, time, margin, and volume warnings to alert you to significant changes in the market environment.


In our expandable transaction reports, you can see daily executions and net trading volumes sorted by ticker symbols.

win and loss

In the trading window and in the account overview, check your profit and loss.

Risk management

In a volatile market environment, our advanced risk assessment technology can help you manage your risk.

Model navigator

Using this sophisticated option model pricing tool, you can change pricing assumptions and incorporate them into your model price calculation.

Option analysis

View values that reflect the rate of change in an option price with respect to a change of one unit at a time in a number of risk dimensions in the options analysis window.

Demo account

Use a simulated trading environment to practice your trading skills with a paper trading account. As you develop, train, and perfect your trading skills, see how well your investment strategies are working.

  • Test new strategies, products, exchanges, and order types in a risk-free environment, with prices and portfolio values determined by actual market conditions.
  • Professional trading tools such as real-time charts, executions, market depth, option price determination, price-risk analysis, and more are available.
  • Familiarize yourself with new exchanges and products’ market dynamics.
  • You can see a demo account statement with trading activity everyday.
  • Put your API trading solutions to the test.