TLSensor is iOS tool to supply various sensor parameters mounted on iPhone with Open Sound Control(OSC) to outside.

This version provides Location; latitude, longitude, altitude and movement speed, Heading; azimuth, Motion; posture angle, rotation speed and acceleration of gravity of device and acceleration to device user gives and Altitude ( only over iPhone6 ); relative altitude and atmospheric pressure.

How Does TLSensor Work

In output OSC hands over Identification as the first value of each parameter, of which default is the host name of device, but it can be changed on items of Identification of Setting. On the receiver side this value tells user which device value was sent. Connection is controlled on items of Host. As Bonjour service domain hosts assigning _osc._udp are listed.

Frequency rate of indicating azimuth can be adjusted on Frequency of Heading Option, and frequency rate of indicating acceleration is on Frequency of Motion Option. To make advertisement off, tap Hide Ads of Advertisement and using this setting is not for free.

Product requirements

  • OS: iOS8.0 or later. iPhone or iPad, This app is optimized for iPhone6.
  • Network: recommended, WiFi connection with 801.11n 5GHz
  • Attention about Battery and Overheating problem.


  • TLSensor

About version 1.10

  • small bug fix

About version 1.00

  • Quick-build release