ScreenCaptureSyphon shares a whole or a part of your screen, or a whole or a part of window as Syphon, and can send the video played area to another application as video. PowerPoint, Keynote as well as materials on browser such as Flash contents (YouTube etc.), and site contents etc. in WebGL can be shared as Syphon. Not to mention, our TCPSyphon allows users to transfer data with less delay to another machine.

After restart it will be built-in on your menu bar. Clicking the resident icon like snap shot above shows a menu.
There are 2 modes which give different behaviors depending on Follow Cursor Mode: on/off. In case of on at Follow Cursor Mode, mouse cursor selection including peripheral area is transferred. You can change a size of mouse cursor synthesized or into hidden on a menu of Mouse Cursor.
In case of off at Follow Cursor Mode, selected area with Capture Source is transferred. At default your current screen is set as selected area.
The menu list on Capture Source differs from displayed windows. Screen lists currently connected screens as a whole. If you need to share a part of screens, select it here. To capture image after a window locked, choose a relevant window from a menu except Screen.
Frame rate for capturing can be selected on Setting. Since there is limitation on frame rate due to CPU performance, you can utilize it as reference scale totally.

System requirements

  • OS: OSX10.12+(NDI require)


The command-line format is like a below.”./” -window “XXX:YYY”

  • XXX: Application Name
  • YYY: Window Name

*You can omit a Window Name.
“./” -screen “S:X,Y,W,H”

  • S: Screen Index( from 0 )
  • X: left-top x
  • Y: left-top y
  • W: width
  • H: height

For example

-window “Finder:ScreenCaptureSyphon”

then “ScreenCaptureSyphone” of “Finder” will be selected.

-window “Finder”

then the first window of “Finder” will be selected.

-screen “0:100,100,640,320″

then the area ( x:100, y:100, width:640, height:320 ) in Screen0 will be selected.

How do you know “Application Name” and “Window Name”?

When you launch ScreenCaptureSyphon, click “Capture Source” on Status Menu. You can know “Application Name” and “Window Name”.

About protocol

You can choose a protocol from Setting / Protocol menu. ScreenCaptureSyphon supports “Syphon” and “NDI”. NewTek NDI (“Network Device Interface”).

10/04/2018 Version 1.26 UPDATED

  • NDI(2018-03-22 @ r88001) is linked.
27/12/2017 Version 1.25 UPDATED
16/11/2017 Version 1.24 UPDATED
29/7/2017 Version 1.23 UPDATED
18/5/2017 Version 1.22 UPDATED
8/12/2016 Version 1.21 UPDATED
22/8/2016 Version 1.20 UPDATED
10/7/2016 Version 1.11 UPDATED
13/6/2016 Version 1.10 UPDATED
7/2/2016 Version 1.04 UPDATED
4/1/2016 Version 1.03 UPDATED
23/12/2014 Version 1.02 UPDATED
20/11/2014 Version 1.00 RELEASE


How to purchase: you can visit and buy this TECHLIFE ONLINE SHOP(only for download)

  • Price : US$10 (One license for only one PC. Timeless and none-subscription product.)

Free trial download

As for first 24 hours from starting software full use of free product is provided, you can make it sure of running on your PC.

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