Privacy Policy

TECHLIFE SG Pte Ltd. (hereafter referred to as the Company) writes the privacy policy as below, and pays prudential attention to protect customers’ personal information. You shall comprehend the privacy policy because registration on the Company service, purchase or/and use of application (including trial version) or use any service the Company provides are regarded as agreement with the privacy policy.

Administration of personal information

The Company maintains correct and latest customers’ personal information, where in good faith it takes necessary measures, such as maintenance of the security system and consolidation of the management system, and safety measures for strict information control in order to prevent loss, defacing, leakage or other similar acts through unauthorized access.

The purpose of use for personal information

The Company shall handle customers’ personal information by e-mail for specified use; contact with a customer, delivery of service information, notification and answer to customers’ inquiries. The Company shall manage personal information appropriately, and not disclose personal information to a third party without consent from the person except the following cases;

  • Case in which provision of information to supplier to offer service customers request is necessary.
  • Case in which disclosure of information is based on laws.

In case of necessity beyond the scope of the purpose of use, the Company shall gain consensus from customer.

Limitation of provision and use

The Company shall not handle personal information beyond the necessity to fulfill the purpose of use and/or provide personal information to the third parties.
However, the following cases are exceptional.

  • Case in which the provision of personal information is necessary for cooperating with law related to illegal access, intimidation, or other illegal action, and other specific reasons.

Security control measures

The Company shall take necessary control of security to protect personal information. In case customer requests reference / revision /deleting or other action related to personal information, the Company shall handle personal information with identification.

Compliance and revision of law and regulation

The Company shall in good faith comply with Singapore law and other regulations applied to personal information the Company maintains, and at this discretion revise and amend the contents of this privacy policy. Significant amendment shall be notified on the Company’s web site.


The Company does not warrant but makes every effort to ensure the information published on the Company’s web site is accurate, useful, safe, or adequate to the purpose of use. Note that the Company cannot accept any legal responsibility for any damages resulting from using the Company’s web site.

Contact for details related to handling personal information is as below.

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TEL:+65 6651 9815 FAX:+65 6651 9815
E-Mail: [email protected]