FreeFrame is video effect plugin system with real time effects as used open-source cross-platform for VJ software, which was a conventional convenient in time without GPU. Afterward since version1.5 it has been named FreeFrameGL or FFGL taking from requests for OpenGL. We launched plugins for users to utilize widely on our software; Kraken2, GRoK, and forthcoming BMMixer.


Noise effect resembling analog TV requires parameters as below;

  • Effect Rate: effect strength
  • Distortion: distortion strength
  • Resolution: resolution of scanning line effect
  • HSync: offset of horizontal sync
  • VSync: offset of vertical sync


Gaussian blur effect using parameters as below;

  • Blur Rate: Blur rate: blur strength

FFGL Color

Color modulation, all 1 setting equivalent color to the original one, using parameters as below;

  • Red: multiplied red
  • Green: multiplied green
  • Blue: multiplied blue

FFGL Flash

Flash effect to insert a single colored image frame briefly. This effect offers fade-out effect into arbitrary color or strobe effect, and uses parameters as below;

  • Rate: Blending ratio of single colored image frame
  • Red: red of single colored image frame
  • Green: green of single colored image frame
  • Blue: blue of single colored image frame

FFGL Kaleidoscope

Effect to make kaleidoscope appearance using parameters as below;

  • Effect Rate: blending ratio of an original image
  • Division: number to divide an image
  • Rotation Speed: speed to rotate an image. 0.5 gives a freeze-image.

FFGL Mirror

Mirror effect using parameters as below;

  • Effect Rate: blending ratio of original image
  • Type: image effect to change into horizontal symmetric at below 0.5 or vertical symmetric at over 0.5

FFGL Noise

Noise effect to multiply noise using parameters as below;

  • Rate: noise strength

FFGL SampleHold

This effect, no parameter, can capture an output image and hold it, and make performance of dropping fames.

FFGL Sepia

Color tune is arranged into an arbitrary specified color using parameters as below;

  • Rate: blending ratio of an original image
  • Red: red strength
  • Green: green strength
  • Blue: blue strength

System requirements

  • Host Application: Kraken, GRoK, 1978
  • OS: OSX10.9+

Safe performance on other software is not guaranteed. We do not recommend you to purchase this before you confirm performance there by yourself, and agree with no warranty for performance under that environment. But we checked it works on Resolume Arena Version 5, 6 and VDMX5.


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  • Price:US$ 34 (including 9 products) (licensed to only one PC, unsubscription product and no expiration date)

Free trial download

As for first 24 hours from starting software full use of free product is provided, you can make it sure of running on your PC.

64/32bit support

We support a platform for 32 and 64 bit environment since June 2016.

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