What is different between TCPSyphon and UDPSyphon?

UDPSyphon makes you input IP address and network port manually, while TCPSyphon gives you them automatically by Bonjour. Alternatively UDPSyphon supports local broadcast and multicast as well as conventional unicast (one-to-one communication). Using broadcast and multicast, you are required to select "Method" pull-down list and to prepare IP address for them.

Merit that UDP allows to send data without specific receiver lead less stability and less reliability due to packet loss etc. during communication. Mainly bigger transfer data or less network quality causes packet loss in sending, routers, and receiving, so to avoid these mischiefs, you can confirm the size on display of transfer data and make it as small as possible before you send them. Please prepare adequate configuration and sufficient network environment referring to numbers of packet loss on both server and client.

Logically, this allows transferring data over a quite large number of machines, however in practice we confirmed operation check on a few machines and we could not scrutinize the breaking point of numbers. We welcome feedback from spontaneous testers.

We also provide TCPSyphon, TLRemoteCamera for iOS, TLSyphonViewer for iOS

Attention "AppNap" on OSX10.9

App Nap is a new feature in OS X Mavericks that automatically reduces system resources to certain applications that are not currently in use. But we don't want to work it. Let's disable!

defaults write sg.techlife.UDPSyphonClient NSAppSleepDisabled -bool YES
defaults write sg.techlife.UDPSyphonServer NSAppSleepDisabled -bool YES

How to Disable App Nap in OS X Mavericks

Product requirements

  • OS: OSX 10.7,10.8,10.9. and 10.8 is recommended. If you want to use these software on OSX10.9, Attention "AppNap" Trap!
  • Network: router and/or wire-line connection supporting gigabit recommended, or Wi-Fi connection with 801.11n 5GHz
  • Framerate: depends on network bandwidth, the number of connections from client to server. Targeting 60 fps


About version 1.10

  • Modified memory leak issue in insufficient network quality
  • Display of transfer byte counter with numbers of dropped frames

About version 1.00

  • Quick-build release


  • UDPSyphon, test suite, and our provided reference implementations are licensed under a Simplified BSD software license.
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