We don't want mouthful featured VJ software but simple one.
Yet on your hand, in your mind it’s OK.
With Owners and TECHLIFE forever you can create the core of software, and keep evolution to add color into the world. Always bedsides your VJ life, as body of Owner, crucial tool, it does not matter. Software TECHLIFE will suggest in order to give evolution to your VJ life ever changing.
It’s not free cause we are listening to the elite group like you, not to tones of anonymous people. This is not trial project. We are so serious.

One year update - donation, maintenance fee, tax, anything you name it.
When finding out other software more fit for you, you can move to it without the next update.
It's time to graduate this software for evolution in your VJ life.

Welcome to Kraken world, our stage is still opened to who thinks to try to perform potential talent in full gear.
Awaiting we are you will be one of our Owners, and one of Kraken’s evolution.



 The first impression when I used “Kraken” was like intuitive operability due to its compact design and practical sustainability on a site. I think this is extraordinary VJ software which gives you correctly & smoothly response to timbres flowed every second. While the simple interface offers easily acceptable Ach/Bch switching to beginners, external devices assigned to each MIDI signal can distribute the broader image performance. You can get this operability and usability, so I’ll say this is one of the awsomest VJ softwares to recommend to you.

Hiroshi Kawamura
( wazamaster )

This software, we put into concert various artists. Its usability is pretty fine because we could operate it without sudden shut down. As for whatever VJ application we could say, we don’t want to handle a complex VJ application or to play an unstable application with careful consciousness. Just what we need to do is to make a stage perfect condition and the first priority is audiences coming to the hall can enjoy their time during the concert at the maximum. Hence an application we are expecting is not having detailed functions or eye-catching buttons but confidence and sustainability. Kraken’s appearance would give you simple and plain impression, but we feel it “trustable and dependable body” polished by UX, which field experiences for many years are well incorporated in. It’s never better!

Hiroshi Kawamura ( M.M.M )


Being long-waited on current VJ scene, one of the most important softwares has been launched! Useful operability on the site gives you easy & simple fader mainly with I/F. By advanced skill of TechLIFE, stable response work and incredible performance fit your activity perfectly. Along with the traits, we can say this is wonderful software that supports the latest functions, Syphon and Quartz Composer. For those who are trying to make visual performance by yourself, above all the first item could be the most significant. We believe Kraken deserves your first authentic software.

Kraken’s easy usage gives even beginners satisfying result, at the same time basic functionality is high, which would withstand heavy usage by seasoned users at important scenes without problem. In recent years, if you have got interested in VJ field, and felt existing VJ software mounted complex and multiple functions go too far, we surely recommend you with Kraken as your tool.

At the first use easy operation drives you to intuitive joy of VJ performance free from difficulty, we believe.



Kraken adopts the way of switching between 2 channels, though it is long time prevailed style different from currently major layer style, this style is easy for beginners, and also easy handling as software on the sub machine for VJ who knows how to use it. UI is so simple that beginners can manipulate it directly without manual, as sub machine no needless parameters makes less mistakes different from too many functioned machine. Moreover performance stable enough for tough use allows you to use it free from care. We recommend this software to you if you want to try VJ from now on, you are VJ who feels to need a sub machine, or seeking suite software to you.

KEN KOMURO(visual works fraw)

Please send a review if you like this software...

Special Thanks

  • Tomoyasu Hirano ( motion dive )
  • motion dive crew
  • all beta testers



Basically playable file: movie file QuickTime accepts (MOV,AVI), image file. Also QuartzComposer Movie and Flash (SWF) are available. Of course soundtrack can be played. The maximum resolution is 4K (3840x2160) at this time.

Multi Screen & Resolution

Available from normal 4:3 screen to 16:9 or 1-3 screens. The maximum resolution is 3840x2160, and when displaying on 3 screens, it downs to 3072x768. Depending on your environment, external apparatus such as Matrox TripleHead2Go or so could be required to show on a few screens.

Flash Movie

Adobe Flash is available. Of course, also swf file used for telop with 'motion dive' is available without conversion.

Quartz Composer Video

Without emulation, Quartz Composer Movie adopted by OSX is native to this. Parameters allow real time adjustment.

Live inputs

You can insert 2 live cameras(supported by QuickTime) at the maximum. Blending options are selectable.


Customizing Effect, preset effects and effect files for VDMX (QuartzComposer[qtz]) have become available since Version1.002.

Frame Blending

At the slower speed in playing than the default, automatic blending between frames brings smooth play.

Simple Keystone

This make simple keystone for calibration, masking and color calibration available.

Soft Edge

At the time of sending data to 2 projectors, this makes edges blending. Flipping each image or allocating it on the left and the right side are available.


MIDI is supported. Almost all functions can be assigned via MIDI. And we support Vezér.

Hap Support

Support Hap codec of VIDVOX. GPU acceleration makes load of CPU lower.

Syphon Support

Support Syphon Framework, Tom Butterworth and Anton Marini developed. Final output image from kraken is transferred nearly without delay. Images from other applications can be captured.

System Requirements


  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • 8+ GB of RAM
  • Main window size: 1111 X 680 (pixel).




Trial Version

  • Registration on TECHLIFE MyPage provides allows downloading of the trial version.
Trial version
  • Cannot select output screen at the final phase
  • Cannot save management information on materials

12/12/2014 Kraken Version 1.20 UPDATE

  • ADD: TelopQtz, Tag search
18/11/2014 Kraken Version 1.11 UPDATE
27/8/2014 Kraken Version 1.10 UPDATE
29/7/2014 Kraken Version 1.04 UPDATE
30/6/2014 Kraken Version 1.03 UPDATE
21/6/2014 Kraken Version 1.02 UPDATE
4/6/2014 Kraken Version 1.01 UPDATE
2/5/2014 Kraken Version 1.007 UPDATE
13/2/2014 Kraken Version 1.006 UPDATE
7/1/2014 Kraken Version 1.005 UPDATE
27/11/2013 Kraken Version 1.004 UPDATE
8/11/2013 Kraken Version 1.003 UPDATE
9/9/2013 Kraken Version 1.002 UPDATE
1/8/2013 Kraken Version 1.001 UPDATE
10/6/2013 Kraken Version 1.00 RELEASE