GRoK(日本語)... / Video Tutorial

“Arms for battles”

Instruments for musicians, painting brushes for painters
Agricultural implements for farmers, and softwares for VJs
What’s your battle? Environment, time, your talent or creativity might be.

The word of “Arm” sounds disquieting, that’s different from our meaning.
We believe tools exist to open the future as “arms”.

Software can stand hard use anytime.
Use it vigorously on PC or with MIDI till coming to fit the hand.

Evolution, the future ahead after using it up fully...
For not only about software but also your VJ skill.

Using up full potential of tool gives just a tool evolution into your arm,
and competence at the maximum comes to fruition.
By its critical point where boundary between your body and the tool ultimately would get zero.
Then, something beyond full potential we, programmers, could imagine comes to you.
This project is brought by collaboration work both of SphinkS and Techlife.
This tag with them, who give professional live VJ performance on their stages and live streaming,
does inspire huge realizable inspiration in our VJ software scene.

Develop their VJ performance inside and outside Japan.
Since 2006, they have addressed to make their own show in live streaming format and broadcast them.
And their field comes up broadly to making, direction of PV and CM etc. and installation.
ttwitter @SphinkS_web

JaySon a.k.a. Sinarisama (Festa Sinarisama / Fullmoon Rec.)

To honest VJs who have got tired with plethora of functions on a gorgeous VJ software, and are seeking a simple answer.
For me, GRoK is VJ software perfectly meeting quite proper demands and performance professionals want like
“On the performance site where no script is given, at the moment on the spot, smooth projecting suitable image files are needed.”

If you say an exquisite VJ, in no time he would decide required things on performance of the stage, and have capability to
send it onto a screen etc. without failure.
This could be said it is highly difficult skill, but finally MIDI controller by GRoK / MacBookPro/ Vestax allowed us to the ideal setting.
This is what we want! When I could feel tight fit using it as I think, it really gave me tears.
Under overwhelming stability provided with processing environment of 60 frames per sec., every time this software can support us
at a party with 10 hour-operation of full-time performance.

If this Grok is nominated as adequate tool for you who will make your mark of VJ, we would be very glad.
Meet at a party site unbounded lights and smile. We are there.
If you'd like to read full text...( Japanese )
facebook: FestaSinarisama // YouTube: Sinarisama JaySon



Trait is easy selection as you can sweep 7x3 x 3 = 63 materials at a glance. Maximum of manageable bank number is 12 and naming them is available.

Final mixer

Blending ways between 2 channels have average, addition, integration, Max, Min, luminance key and chromakey. Additionally, total dimmer cannot only give blackout simply but also saturation.

More flexible patch

Saving values for transition etc. in time sequence as well as just cueing media allows easy automatic operation.


Basically playable file: movie file QuickTime accepts (MOV,AVI), image file. Also QuartzComposer Movie and Flash (SWF) are available. Of course soundtrack can be played. Since Version1.20, support ex-layer.


Effect system has become available since Version1.20.

Multi Screen & Resolution

Available from normal 4:3 screen to 16:9 or 1-3 screens. The maximum resolution is 3840x2160, and when displaying on 3 screens, it downs to 3072x768. Depending on your environment, external apparatus such as Matrox TripleHead2Go or so could be required to show on a few screens.

Simple Keystone

Simple keystone, masking and color adjustment for tune are available. On masking, not only still image file but also gray scaled movie file is supported.

Soft Edge

At the time of sending data to 2 projectors, this makes edges blending. Flipping each image or allocating it on the left and the right side are available.


MIDI is supported. Almost all functions can be assigned via MIDI. And we support Vezér.

Hap Support

Support Hap codec of VIDVOX. GPU acceleration makes load of CPU lower.

Syphon Support

Support Syphon Framework, Tom Butterworth and Anton Marini developed. Final output image from kraken is transferred nearly without delay. Images from other applications can be captured.

System Requirements


  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • 8+ GB of RAM
  • Main window size: 1111 X 680 (pixel).





Trial Version

  • Registration on TECHLIFE MyPage provides allows downloading of the trial version.
Trial version
  • Cannot select output screen at the final phase
  • Cannot save management information on materials

12/12/2014 GRoK Version 1.50 UPDATED

  • Supports: TelopQtz,Tag serach
18/11/2014 GRoK Version 1.41 UPDATED
09/09/2014 GRoK Version 1.40 UPDATED
11/07/2014 GRoK Version 1.30 UPDATED
15/05/2014 GRoK Version 1.20 UPDATED
28/01/2014 GRoK Version 1.10 UPDATED
24/06/2013 GRoK Version 1.00 RELEASE