Renovation to 64bit process/ AVFoundation

Renovation on inside process will bring users to more comfortable use than the previous version. Core engine to replay was shifted from QuickTime to AVFoundation, evolution to 64bit process which results in more stable replay and supporting the latest Codec. 64bit process makes embedded memory unlimitedly utilized.

Stable replay by cache function

Prior cache before replay realizes solid “Cue” with cache for required data on the background while choosing media to play. This prior cache is applied to embedded sequencer play.

Syphon support / enhanced MIDI

This version can accept the external application Syphon, where fine tuning around Syphon and MIDI enables to send multiple signals to one function etc.


AVFoundation can play playable media flies. Of course, sound track is playable.

Quartz Composer Video

Without emulation, Quartz Composer Movie adopted by OSX is native to this.

Standby Mode

Other than normal play, standby mode is mounted to resume replay from halt condition.


Cue Programmable Sequencer is supported.


MIDI is supported. Almost all functions can be assigned via MIDI signal.

Hap Support

Support Hap codec of VIDVOX. GPU acceleration makes load of CPU lower.

Syphon Support

Support Syphon Framework, Tom Butterworth and Anton Marini developed. Final output image from kraken is transferred nearly without delay. Images from other applications can be captured.

Playable media flies


mov, mp4, m4v


jpeg, png, tif, bmp, gif, tga, psd, ai


mp3, aac, m4a


qtz, Syphon

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.10 or later
  • 8+ GB of RAM


Trial Version

Trial version
  • Every final output with our watermark
  • Cannot select output screen at the final phase
  • Cannot save management information on materials

Version 1.30 2017/5/18

  • supports: NDI2 2017-02-01 @ r73205
Version 1.20 2016/12/26
  • added: cache loading progressbar
  • fixed: some smalll bugs.
  • supports: NDI2 2016-12-16 @ r71675
Version 1.11 2016/11/10
  • fixed: Modal dialog problem.
  • supports to cancel when converting to HAP.
Version 1.10 2016/10/2
  • supports Sierra(MacOS 10.12) and new activation
Version 1.00 2016/4/11
  • Official release