This tool has been discontinued. Thank you.

TLSyphonViewer is an iOS or Android software. This software can receive data from TCPSyphon Server via WiFi. so you can show your visualization by iPhone or iPad, Android. How many can we handle iPhones? it's depend on your sender machine's power and network condition. Of course You can choose TCPSyphon Server by simple UI if many TCPSyphon Server are launched.
TCPSyphon is created by TECHLIFE SG Pte.Ltd.

Product requirements

  • OS: iOS8.0 or later. iPhone or iPad, This app is optimized for iPhone6.
  • OS: Minimum: Android OS4.1(API Level16), Recommend: 5.0(API Level21).
  • Network: recommended, WiFi connection with 801.11n 5GHz
  • Framerate: depends on network bandwidth and image quality
  • Attention about Battery and Overheating problem.

Record( iOS only )

Newly added function is that you can save received images as movie file in their resolutions in PhotoLibrary. The bit rate can be specified at “Bit Rate”; selectable from 512Kb, 1Mb and 5Mb, of SettingView. To save a movie file, after setting ”Record” on, close SettingView, then it starts. When reopening SettingView, recording is stopped, and its movie file is saved in PhotoLibrary. Once recording is finished,”Record” option is will be set to Off. Please check free space on your device in order to save a file in high resolutions or long length.

About version 1.30

  • You can save received images as movie file in their resolutions in PhotoLibrary.

About version 1.20

  • Add auto-reconnect function
  • Support new SDK
  • Fix some bugs

About version 1.11

  • Bug fix.

About version 1.10

  • Support Turbojpeg encode
  • Fix memory leak

About version 1.00

  • Quick-build release

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