BMMixer TECHLIFE SG Pte.Ltd. provides is application for OSX, and we made operation check of it on Intensity Extreme, DeckLink Quad and ATEM TV Studio of Blackmagic Design.

This has 2 major functions.

  • The mixer output from 2 inputs by selecting inputs such as IntensityExtreme or DeckLink Quad etc.
  • Remote control switcher of ATEM TV Studio
From the mixer part a merged image by selected 2 images from each sequence or simply 2 images is transmitted. As a sort of inputs, capture devices or Syphon by BMD are corresponded to this application. Visit websites of specifications or Syphon by Blackmagic Design.

The switcher part, having slots for 10 inputs at maximum, allows you to select them as program or as preview, and to control Tbar for mixing them remotely.

Output devices decide how output images are. That means current setting of resolution or frame rate influences output images because images are transmitted with full screen basically. Output on Syphon is arranged with resolution of output window size. As output device, you can choose devices by Blackmagic Design. However, whether both input and output is available or not, it depends on kinds of devices and drivers. In case the message,“FullDuplex is not supported”, is shown, you cannot use both input and output at the same time. For details, we strongly recommend you to contact the support desk at Blackmagic Design.

You can assign these functions to your own MIDI devices, and control them through MIDI devices. Also, synced boot with ATEM Software Control by BlackmagicDesign is provided. We suggest one standard way to use, where you operate MIDI with this application using ATEM Software Control as backing up.

Product requirements

  • OS: OSX 10.8,10.9,10.10,10.11
  • Memory: +8GB
  • The functions have been confirmed by Intensity Extreme, DeckLink Quad and ATEM TV Studio



Thank you! End of sales.

About version 1.84

  • supports Blackmagic DeckLink SDK 10.9.3
About version 1.83
  • rebuild
About version 1.82
  • Supports Sierra(OSX 10.12)

About version 1.71

  • Fix MIDI assign problems

About version 1.70

  • Supports EI Capitan(OSX10.11)

About version 1.50

  • Supported ATEM TV Studio
  • Supported fader curve for mixer

About version 1.00

  • Quick-build release